Terms of delivery

Terms of delivery Prenten Antiquariaat Delfshaven


The general conditions, including the references to this, apply to all agreements between the customer and the Maritime Kunst- en Antiekhandel Delfshaven.

With regards to the protection of the information you provide, we refer to the statement on the website of the Prenten Antiquariaat Delfshaven.

We recommend that you use a strong password for your account. Be careful with this password and share it as little as possible with third parties.

Prenten Antiquariaat Delfshaven is in no way responsible for any abuse of the account you created.

In the event of any queries, please contact us via our email address: info@voc-rotterdam.com or by post: Maritime Kunst- en Antiekhandel Delfshaven, Voorhaven 33, 3025 HC Rotterdam.

You can reach us by phone 0031(0)10 4254565.

Prenten Antiquariaat Delfshaven reserves the right to change these terms and conditions if the need arises due to changed circumstances.

You will receive always the latest version of our terms and conditions which will apply to our agreements.

Our General Conditions are registered with the Chamber of Commerce in Rotterdam under number 24239505

Article 1 - Products
Prenten Antiquariaat Delfshaven sells through its webshop and its shop in Delfshaven antique prints, maps, city maps and framing.

Article 2 - Registration
a. Every customer, customer or client must register in advance to order a product;
b. Every customer, customer or client, the designation shall provide his / her personal data to the Prenten Antiquariaat Delfshaven;c. If any changes occur in the client, customer or client, please notify the Prenten Antiquariaat Delfshaven as soon as possible, but no later than two weeks;
d. Prenten Antiquariaat Delfshaven guarantees use for the protection of personal data provided by the client, customer or client fully in accordance with the law on privacy and will use this information only for the stated purpose and never communicated to third parties, make available, nor sell.

Article 3 - Payments
a. The prices of products such as those given in our webshop refer to the indicated product and cover the entire supply price for the product;
b. Payments are made through i-deal, Paypal, Mollie and international bank transfer;
c. The costs associated with the shipment fully account for the customer unless otherwise indicated;

Article 4 - Deliveries
a. Prenten Antiquariaat Delfshaven will deliver the goods purchased to the registered address registered or the address specified in the order.
b. The delivery address cannot be changed, if the order has already been shipped;
c. Distribution is handled by PostNL;
d. At the moment the order is shipped, the customer will receive a track & trace code.from the PostNL  This code makes it possible to trace the route that the order will follow;
e. Prenten Antiquariaat Delfshaven endeavours to process orders as soon as possible;
f. If the order is delayed, Prenten Antiquariaat Delfshaven, will inform the purchaser, customer or client of this in writing;
g. Prenten Antiquariaat Delfshaven guarantees the purchaser, customer or client that this order will be received within 30 days after confirmation of his order;
h. Should Prenten Antiquariaat Delfshaven hereby default the client, the client shall have the right, without having to request the intervention of a judge, to have full purchase price refunded or a replacement product of equal value sent;

Article 5 - Returns
a. The buyer, customer or client has at all times have the right to return the product within 14 days of the date of receipt, except by those framing conducted commissioned by the Prenten Antiquariaat Delfshaven, returning it to the Prenten Antiquariaat Delfshaven;
b. The buyer, customer or client, must send a completed Prenten Antiquariaat Delfshaven returns form by by post, fax or by e-mail info@voc-rotterdam.com addressed to the Prenten Antiquariaat Delfshaven
c. Once the customer, customer or client of the Prenten Antiquariaat Delfshaven has received confirmation of receipt, shall return this product within 14 days;
d. After receiving the product Prenten Antiquariaat Delfshaven will within three working days refund the full purchase price;
e. The costs for the return are the sole responsibility of the purchaser, customer or client;
f. While in paragraph a of this article abovementioned period should the purchaser, customer or client duly and carefully handle both the product and the packaging;
g. The buyer, customer or client may only unpack the product to the extent necessary to determine whether this product will be kept;
h. Framing commissioned by the purchaser, customer or client cannot be returned to the Prenten Antiquariaat Delfshaven.

Article 6 - Warranty
a. Prenten Antiquariaat Delfshaven delivers prints and maps with a two-year warranty on authenticity;
b. This warranty applies to define a reasonable and fair normal use;
c. If the product breaks down within the warranty period, the customer, customer or client has a right to a replacement product;
The buyer, customer or client must return the defective product in its original packaging to the Prenten Antiquariaat Delfshaven
d. Shipping costs are entirely borne by the buyer, customer or client.

Article 7 - Liability
Prenten Antiquariaat Delfshaven is to be held liable in any way for the damage caused by the use of a supplied by its product.

Article 8 - Intellectual Property Rights
a. All intellectual property rights (including copyright, trademarks, word marks) in our texts, photos, pictures and other materials, as shown on its website are the property of Prenten Antiquariaat Delfshaven and are, therefore, absolute;
b. If this is not the case then the Prenten Antiquariaat Delfshaven rights are included with permission of the copyright holder, so their rights are absolute;
c. The use by the customer, customer or client may claim no infringement here.

Article 9 - Complaints
a. If the purchaser, customer or client has a complaint regarding the implementation of this Agreement, then they must inform the Prenten Antiquariaat Delfshaven of this;
b. Any complaint must be sent by e-mail addressed to the Prenten Antiquariaat Delfshaven info@voc-rotterdam.com. Prenten Antiquariaat Delfshaven will handle the complaint within 7 days of receipt;
c. If the handling of the complaint will take more than seven days, the customer will be informed in writing and expectation set as to when to expect a substantive reply to their complaint;
e. If the parties cannot mutually settle the complaint, it will become a subject to dispute.

Article 10 - Settlement of disputes
These terms and conditions and the agreements concluded by Prenten Antiquariaat Delfshaven with the client, customer or client, is Dutch law.

In the event of a dispute, the competent court in Rotterdam.




It is also possible to reserve a chart or map. If you choose in the payment process that you will collect the map or chart we will reserve the map for one week without any obligation.

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